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Captains Through the Storm (Becoming a Man of God)

The Ultimate Husband

Parenting Teens with the Wisdom of Solomon

Preparing Your Children for Courtship & Marriage

Biblical Insights into Child Training -- CD version

Biblical Insights into Child Training -- DVD version

Influencing Children's Hearts

Beyond Obedience: Raising Children Who Love God and Others

The Delightful Family   (ver.2002)

The Delightful Family    (ver.2007)

Fathers: Saving the Next Generation

Overcoming the Myths of Modern Adolescence (Bringing Your Children to an Early Maturity)

Happiness in Marriage (audio)

Happiness in Marriage (video)

Fathers as Family Heads

Seasons in a Man's Life

For Men: Taming Lust and Anger

The Fatherhood of God

Powerful Christian Living  (The Biblical Path to Mental and Emotional Health)

Managing the Mouth

The Power of Love

Growing a Family Strengthening Church  



Woman of God: Controller or Servant?

A time of Reflection, Refreshment, and Renewal from Psalm 23





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