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What a blessing. May the Lord continue to use you for His Glory.  Debbie

Hi, I think I've been here before just once, but I am here again to tell you again how much I loved your book: Child training tips. I also saw Biblical Insights Into Child Training. So many mistakes we've made with our kids! However, your teachings really gives me hope everyday that I can do better even though my kids are 13, 15, 18, 21, and 25 ( all boys). I really don't have it in me to do this, but the Lord does and He reminds me and encourages me and illuminates my mind so I can see what is wrong with their responses and behaviors, and what I should require of them. My biggest problem is often my own lack of direction. Your book helps with that. I do need specifics about chores and responsibilities for older kids who were never really required to do anything. An underlying hindrance that had been in my mind in child training is that I am often intimidated by the world's "eyes." Though I am not usually ashamed of the gospel and will usually preach boldly anywhere, I realized that I must fear God and not man when it comes to child rearing, too. My failure and fear caused me to hold back discipline sometimes, and I think this is why my oldest son is backslidden from the Lord right now, even though I disciplined him diligently from an early age and we are also very close. But I never quite finished the job each time. I have tendency to be paranoid of everything-- real or imagined. My friends always say "who cares what people think?" I didn't think that I did care but realize now that I do care and it is wrong, I must obey God. I also realize that when God told Joshua to 'be strong and of good courage' when He was telling him to be careful to obey the laws of the Lord, that we could apply that scripture to this subject too. Well enough whining. I appreciate you and am trying to get the money so I can buy your stuff for a girl from my church. She wants it. She does want to train her kids, many do and try lots of things, not knowing specifics like you give them. The symptoms are all there for failure. Thanks again. I am sure your book will save my youngest child. I had hopelessly spoiled him and made him a monster. People hated him and I adored him. (marriage problems excuse for doing that) Anyway, I repented and see the need to say 'no' to him just for nothing. He was shocked but it really helped. He even went forward and got saved about two months ago. Pornography. But he is troubled by it still, maybe. I don't know what to do for him because he doesn't talk to me about it. But I know he desires holiness and purity because he repented with tears on his own. Thank God. Anyway, there is hope in the Lord always. If God can heal your wife, He can deliver my sons and my husband fully. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.  God bless you.    Carol.

I thank the Lord for your ministry. I just finished listening to the CD "Waiting on God." I now have a much better understanding of what it means to wait on God. I hope to soon be able to order more copies. The one copy I have, I intend to mail to a friend who is going through an extremely difficult time right now. I think it will be very encouraging to her and her family. Melva

Dear Reb and Bev,  I want to thank you for your book, "Child Training Tips." I just completed a Masters of Counseling Psychology degree and I can honestly say that you have written a book full of truth that is key to a God ordered family. I have been giving your books to parents, my child's school, and will continue to share your other resources.   In His grace,   Debra Saucier

Hi Bev --- This is your "twin" from Spokane. Sorry I haven't called, I'm terrible with the phone. I will tell you that my daughter and I are on a new road. Its hard but I already see improvements. I wish I could tell you of the blessings I've had with her since the conference. You truly have impacted our life and hope to call sometime when you have an hour to spare! ha ha      Love in Christ,   Barbara

Was led to your website through a link from Frank Stephens. Mr. Stephens has written some great articles on the failing principles of the Republican Party. I liken it to the failing of our churches today, and the fear the government has instilled in our pastoral leadership. I pray our shepherds will truly put on the armor of God and start preaching our God-given responsibilities to elect God-honoring leaders once again. Thank you.   Angela Azevedo

I was led to your website today (4/9/08) by the Holy Spirit after fervently seeking God for sound spiritual counsel concerning severe and long-term spiritual warfare in my marriage and family.  I literally begged my Father to give me some wise feedback concerning the things I thought he was saying. He supernaturally led me to this website.

I read some of your articles which confirmed the wisdom Jesus had been sharing with me on how to confront the many issues Satan was relentlessly heaping upon me. I’ve been battling for nearly ten years but found myself at odds with conventional wisdom concerning family and marriage. Due to these differences on biblical perspectives, I would cry out to my Father for confirmation and/or spiritual support and mentoring.  I’ve been making this cry for ten years until today.

God told me at the beginning of my trials that he wanted me obey his assignment to family and business ministry. Just coming out of the closet as a Christian and joining a local church, I was not sure if it was God speaking or what he meant by “family and business ministry.”  I knew nothing about prophecy, the Holy Spirit and it’s wonderful works, fruits and purpose, and all I knew about Jesus and mostly about Jehovah was wrong.  The only thing I held true to was “works,” being a good person and trying to make wise choices. I loved God with all of my heart, soul, and mind, and raised my daughter to do the same, but was unable to commit to a local church, though I visited many, because of doctrinal teachings.  When I finally submitted to God’s pulling, I made a public confession of my faith, joined the church and the family of God. Within in days of my public confession, Jesus introduced himself to me (literally paying me a visit in my bedroom.)  He explained that he was the voice I had been hearing for years and the one that spoke to me the other night as I sobbed my eyes out, curled in the fetal position. He said, “Hello Barbara, welcome to the family. I came to teach you all about our family, your inheritance of Goodness and about our Father, who is Goodness, his ways and desires. Your work is going to be accelerated because just as you are intellectually gifted in the natural and require advance and accelerated classes, so you are in the spiritual.”  I didn’t know what he was talking about.

But over the course of the past few years he has taught me volumes and supernaturally advanced my spiritual growth.  Lately, he’s been reminding me that our Father is waiting for me to start the family and business ministry. With this reminder, I went back to begging for a spiritual mentor, one who was sound in Biblical teaching, compassionate towards people, and professionally trained.

Today, was an exceedingly difficult day of spiritual warfare in my marriage, and with my cry, I found you.

All that you are doing is extremely favorable to God.  All your hours of love and labor are a Tabernacle of Praise for our Father, whereby others can exclaim to the world about the Goodness of the God you serve.

I know you were not even aware that you were selected and showcased as a “spiritual mentor” to many others, by establishing this website, but it was God’s plan in raising you for being a wonderful son.

I’m sorry this is so long but I feel the same way about finding your ministry today as I did when I first found the Lord and the truth. I simply can’t stop talking about the experience!

I praise God for our family and for a big brother like you!

Very good education Reb. You have saved my soul this day. Hallelujah!!!!

Hello,  Thank you for sharing with such transparency in South Alabama. Homeschooling or not, every parent needs to hear the messages we heard today.      Among so many other things, I learned that quiet is not the opposite of loud. For me, it is a state of heart. It is the resting of my busy mind. It is a time of tuning out all of the mental voices that dictate what needs to be accomplished, while tuning in to the voice of Jesus whispering to my heart, "I love you. Do you have time to chat?".    I have structured my days to include many non-loud times. Now, I will make it a priority to have times of quiet--to be still and know that He is God.  Many, many thanks,   Lisa Decker


Hello to all at Family Ministries! Last week I read one of your articles online & shared it with a friend. She let me know that you would be speaking at a conference in the Spokane Valley the same weekend! I decided to go, even though my friend couldn't make it. I am so glad I did! I realize now that the Lord has been trying to speak to me about having love for my family above any lists of rules & proper behavior. My family is still young, but as you spoke I could see where my family would be if my husband & I continued down the path we were on. I had tears in my eyes when you spoke, Bev, and I laughed heartily when you spoke, Reb. I feel that the Lord drew me to hear your teaching at this time, and I am so thankful to Him. I told my husband that I couldn't believe that I could feel so free after hearing about so many things that I'm doing wrong! I've made for myself a burden that God never intended me to carry, and sacrificed what is really important for that unnecessary burden...but I feel it has been lifted this weekend. I believe that this is going to be a new start for my family, and I just want to thank you for your openness & transparency in sharing your trials & mistakes, and for your obedience to the Lord. This message is something I think so many people need to hear, not just me, and I will be sharing it with whomever I meet! I can't thank you enough.  Ruby

Hi And Blessings From Your Adventist Family In the U.K. Hope You visit sometime.  God Bless,

Dear Reb and Bev,  So much enjoyed your recent seminar at First Baptist of Plant City. This seminar gave me a new outlook on loving my "rebellious"; teen while still holding firm on certain convictions at the same time. Bev, thank you for your comments during the women's session. I was particularly touched by how you portrayed Jesus' love and earnestness to seek Peter out, even after Peter had denied Christ...just as Jesus knew he would. I learned.....I can still love my teen even when they do exactly as I hoped they wouldn't and I had worked so hard to prevent them from going through it. Hallelujah!! God is so good. L.W. Whitland

I was praying for a family ministry to start planting some seed and to learn from, because since April 2002 God has birth a family ministry in me called Kansas City Family Connection-a supporting ministry in the body of Christ.  Praise God for your ministry! Wiley Edwards

Could you please add us to your email newsletter. Thanks and God bless. Gary and Sue Bergman

PS I really enjoyed listening to Becoming your Husband's Helpmate. Beverly mentioned a source in there about 3 controlling women and 3 servant women. Is this still available? Please email me with the answer or call.  If you send out catalogs in the mail we would appreciate receiving one. Thanks.

I've been enjoying your conversation on Family Life Today. It is very timely for me as I have 16 year old who feels over-sheltered and unloved, and has rejected our values. Your advice is encouraging to me.   Thanks you so much.   Marla Hoskins

I just heard Reb today on Family Life with Dennis and Bob. I am anxious to here the previous two days of his interview. I was so inspired by what little bit I heard. We've been struggling with whether to home school our daughter who will be in 6th grade. I still don't know what we'll do, but when I got on this website it showed me some extra encouragement that I can do this if it's the Lord's will. Thank you for using your gifts as an encouragement and inspiration to others. I also feel that we have been hard on our daughter to behave and be the "model child," but I don't know if we've won her heart. That concerns me and saddens me. Thank you for your transparency on FL that you weren't the perfect parent either and that we need to treat our children as God does us. Kimberly Barger  Grove City, PA

Enjoyed the Family Life broadcasts with your interview.  Mickey Grackin

I heard your interview with Bob Lepine this morning on radio station WMBI (Moody). I recognized many of the traits that you talked about in myself. It was very eye opening for me. Thank you so much that you care enough to help parent's like us. It is so greatly appreciated. Could you please tell me how I can get a copy of Beyond Obedience. I have an adopted daughter who is thought to have RAD. She has been diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. She is extremely disrespectful and rebellious. Do you have any other resources that may be a help to me? Thank you very much for your time.  Phyllis Hensley 

This is really a great site . I plan to visit it often.   Olufumilayo Chukwu (Pst Mrs)

The Lord has directed me to your web site. I read part of the article "Solving the Crisis of Homeschooling" and the Lord was speaking to my heart. I had to get my journal out and write the things I need it to pray about. I save it on my computer because I know I need to be reminded of why I home school.    Maria Rosa Kobleur

Thank you for creating such insightful material for families the world over.   Jade Aviles

Like your site; will visit again. We're looking forward to seeing and hearing you at the North Dakota Home Educators Convention in March. As parents, we're in need of some shaking up (in a positive way, that is!). Take care, God bless you all big time,
Wendy O'Neill, Driscoll, ND

I think your writings are fantastic! I am married to a pre-Christian, who is child-centered, and have the privilege of being mentored by a mature Christian lady whose passion is to see parents reaching their child's hearts. Our children are delightful, not as obedient as I would like, and I often feel criticized by others for their behavior. Yet I believe we have their hearts at this stage. Your writings are encouraging me to do the best I can, not making me conform to anyone else's standard but to that which God has for our family. Thank you!  Margret Conley

Mr. Bradley -- Thank you for the literature in "Reconciliation with a Hardened Wife." It has given me a bit of comfort on what I must and start doing. We are both Christians. And we have had a fall-out. A few days she separated form our marriage. I'm feeling deeply hurt and I feel that it is all my fault. I need to look deep in me for what I've done in the past and what I need to do in the future. Thank you so much
V/R   R. R.

I enjoyed your sermon at our church on Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2007 in Aiea, HI.  So much of what you said rang true. It was interesting to see the reactions of the teenagers in the audience.  They didn't seem to like the fact that you "had their numbers." I am an eighth grade language arts teacher.  I am flabbergasted at the total lack of respect students show.  Also, their lack of self-control is off the charts!  How I wish more parents could hear your sermons with their children in attendance, it would be a real eye opener for all concerned.  Maureen Pescaia

I just want to thank you Papa (Reb) and Beverly for the wonderful retreat this weekend at Diamond Arrow. Thank you, Beverly for sharing. I am changed and my eyes are renewed.....Jennifer Newell

Thank you Reb for your well-written article on living a sheltered life with our kids. We in Australia tend to do the same. Love your site!   Viv Gregory in Australia.

I cant believe I fell this far, only to find God again.   Rick

Thank you, Reb and Bev, for your ministry. Thank you, Bev, for continuing to feed His sheep!  Karen in FL

It was a real pleasure having you at our CHIL meeting yesterday (Oct. 16, 2007). Thank you so much for your great message and prayers. Blessings.   Maria Aragon

I picked up a few of your tapes at the VHE convention in Modesto, not knowing anything about you or your ministry. I've been very impressed by your no-nonsense, take-it-back-to-Scripture approach, and have been very blessed indeed. Thank you!  Darelyn Winters

Wonderful site!!!   a blessing....   
A. Wells,
wife and mom

For years I had heard my Mother, listen to your tapes, use your teachings (sometimes to our dismay for we were on the other end), and enjoy your workshops when she could go to them. How thrilled I was when my dh and I thought we could go to the Modesto conference and get to hear you all. Alas, circumstances made it impossible. And yet, I am now a mother to be -- it is my turn to read the books, listen to the tapes, and train MYSELF as well to be a good mommy. Your work is building up generations. May it be used for His glory. :)

Reb, Michael and Emily: It was great getting to meet you at the Redwood Christian Park camp the weekend of 08/17/07. You made a tremendous impact on our family in more ways than you'll ever know or that we'll ever completely understand. My wife and I have begun to apply your "techniques" with immediate and amazing results. We thank you for your advice, my son Mikey thanks you for bringing Michael and Emily -- what a testament to your teaching, Reb. Thank you for coming to the mountains near Santa Cruz, you are wonderful.  James and Esther

Very good. Thank you so much. I have 6 children and a hardened wife (my fault) and found this very refreshing and a sense of hope in at least knowing that I can pray for her healing and not to just get her back. Thank you again.   S. Hanna

Just had a chance to hear Bev's two workshops at VHE in Modesto and wanted to thank you both so much for speaking! Bev, your heart really shines through when you speak and your love for our Heavenly Father is so apparent. I have notes to review and CDs to listen to - so I can get a clue about raising this difficult 5 year old!  If you happen to be up our way (near Willits, CA) anytime soon - we'd love to have you stay at our inn for a little getaway :) Christy Collins

I am so pleased to finally find your site, I listened to a tape recording of Beverly a long time ago and loved it. It was a borrowed copy and I had forgotten who the speaker was, but remembered the message well. The other day a friend of mine was telling me about you and it all came back to me. I am so glad i found your site and I am looking forward to reading and learning more from you.  in Christ,  Jennyfer

I just read your article on the crisis in homeschooling and I think it is a MUST READ for every homeschool family! Thank you for your honesty. I really needed the reminders that it is not about what we do that will help to shape our children into Godly men and women but it is about who they see that we are. Kellie Holcomb

Had a great time listening to your messages at Lighthouse Christian Church in Hesperia, CA. Thanks for coming, please come back!

I am having some difficulties with my oldest of three children and my friend has recommended looking at your site. I just want to thank you for having some free things available and being faithful to Christ in all your works. Rebecca Hull

I had heard lots of teachings about parenting, but still found myself guessing about the kids and why I was not getting their cooperation, obedience and respect. I was always guilty because I spent the day screaming at them and I saw unhealthy fear in them. One day I was talking to a friend about my struggles and she immediately pulled out your eight tape set. She said that all my answers were in those tapes. My first reaction was "not another one!"; But for the sake of my friend I started to listen to the them. The teachings in those tapes were exactly what I wanted for my household, but I hadn't known how to accomplish it. I felt like someone had looked at my desire and gave it life by putting it all into words, so I could hear it and practice it. For the first time since my kids knew how to talk I felt comfortable and confident in my parenting. Even my closest friends noticed a change in the kids' behavior and in my attitude. The road is still rocky, some days more then others, but now I have a clearer view about the kids and me (when I slack). I praise the Lord for answering my prayer about parenting through Mr. Bradley. Thank you

Thank you for your teaching on Courtship and Marriage. I found it to be very helpful tool for training our four children. It also opened my eyes to things I had not thought of. Ian and Davina Tyler. Australia

Thank you for your generous work. I was linked to your page by the Angelico's website in Australia I happened to read your homeschool article and was most touched as I am only 3 years into the process of HS and have always had a passion for education and children yet have had some thoughts a bit like yours running around my mind lately...thank you for your the end I was truly crying out to our Lord and weeping in his presence thank you so very much for helping to make his name glorious in all the earth. Yours sincerely Rosalind Cook

I just received an email from a woman who is concerned about her 16-year-old daughter dating. For some reason your name popped in my head and I went to my cabinet and found a tape I bought from you many years ago when you spoke at my church in Scotts Valley, The Valley Vineyard. I will never forget how powerful your talk was and I was grateful to have received such wise advise and information before my son was a teen. It really helped us. He is now away to college. I remember your small children were helping you at the seminar, they were very well mannered and I was impressed. I told the woman about your Ministry and I am sure she will be on your website soon! ... Glad you are still committed to this great ministry! Betty N.

Tami Burke -- Edmond, Oklahoma

katie mullins

I would like to receive your newsletters and I am interested in buying another copy of your child training book, Child Training Tips. I loved the messages in the book so much I am sending my copy to a friend who is also in need of it. Thank you for what you do for the Christian home and family. In Christ's Love, Julie Helleksen

Reb, We borrowed your tape series, Biblical Insights into Child Training, from my parents who are a preacher/elder and his wife. We have greatly enjoyed these tapes and understand Job's wisdom that was beyond his years, because it was God's wisdom. We currently have a training class at our home where we listen to a lecture from the above series and discuss it. Thank you for your dedication to God and to passing on God's wisdom in your life.  Brad & Micah Pettes, Middle Tennessee

Hello Mr. Bradley - A friend had loaned me your teachings on Courtship and Marriage. I am a husband and father of six and as a Christian I thought I was doing well with a "no dating" stance. I realized immediately from your first presentation that I was missing about 90% of the joy and blessings that a father gains from his involvement in the courtship of his children. I firmly believe that if the information you presented in your series were grasped by 10% of those who claim the name "Christian," our world would be transformed for generations to come. Thank you.

Now ... to find the place where I order that series for myself! blessings, Andy (Christian Family Radio, Appleton)

Due to illness, a friend has had to keep my daughter for a couple of days and she noted that my child was well-trained. I first give glory to God for the grace He has extended to us, because we aren't perfect parents. Secondly, I'm thankful to Mr. Bradley and Mr. Fugate for their teachings which are helping so many families. Sincerely, Nicole

We really appreciated the downloaded copy of the Current Crisis in Homeschooling. The Lord has used it powerfully in our home to resolve several issues. Thanks, Adam and Kim Turner, Montrose, CO

Hi Reb and Beverly,  I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been listening to your courtship tapes with my 16 and 18 year old sons. I have had the tapes for over 10 years. I have been talking about the principles in them for years. I will be listening to the marriage tapes next week. Thank you for sharing the wisdom the Lord has given you in this area. There has been much good fruit, and I love being around my teenagers. I miss them when they go off to their jobs. We really appreciate your ministry.   Thanks,   Michael and Laurie McNamara

P.S. We met you in Hawaii about 12-13 years ago.

Thanks for the article on the Purpose of Marriage. I used it in counseling with a couple. Pastor Howard Spear, Shelton, WA

I have been so blessed sitting under the teachings of both Reb and Bev. May you be blessed with whatever your needs may be. I also would like to receive your on-line Email. May God bless. Yvonne Miskimon

Excellent materials...wish I could afford all of them...Ramona :)


Thank you so much for your insightful teaching on the family and child training. I first heard you on Focus on the Family and went home immediately and ordered Child Training Tips-2 copies. I have used it on several occasions in ministering to mothers of young children. I hope to be able to attend one of your conferences if there is one nearby. I live in central Mississippi. Mrs. Randy Cress (Faye)

Thank God for you guys!!!!    We saw some of your videos and ran right out and got your book on child training. Haven't finished it yet but can see it is all I ever needed to know. The part about only partially winning your kids heart in disciplining was the root of my oldest child's problem. He has broken his own heart, and now is confused and lost in his religious backsliding. I look forward to doing better with my younger children, and perhaps save them the heartache of not being able to subject their will to authority or personal discipline in their adulthood. Thank You so much for telling the truth. And No! Telling the truth is NOT a hate crime!!

The gender confusion we are witnessing these days itself is a monument to the lack of discipline in this culture. As a sinner, I too was full of my own lusts and was leaning toward gender confusion. I am now comfortable with my womanly tomboyishness (is that a word?) I gave my life to Christ and proceeded to get married. The nuts and bolts of family life have taught me what male and female are supposed to be and why they are supposed to be that way.    Thank you again and again and again for telling the truth about child training. Sincerely, CC

Beverly,  WOW! You are an incredible speaker with an incredible message. Thank you for your insight and wisdom. I purchased one of your CD's after your session on "Controller or Servant." As I left our CHECC meeting I immediately put the CD in to listen to on the drive home. I should have turned around and purchased all your other ones. I will definitely do so now through you website. Again thank you for sharing your gift with us and thank you for helping me see what I am seeking!   Michele

Thank you for your ministry. We have learned a lot. We wish we'd started earlier. God bless you.

Your article on panic helped me a lot because I was having panic attacks and needed Biblical help on this subject! Thanks again. Barbara MacArthur

I have been separated from my wife for over 4 years.  I have read almost every book available and have tried to follow God's plan. Your article on a wife with a hardened heart covered what I have read before, but you state it so wonderfully and complete in just 7 pages.  Today I am reading your article God's Primary Purpose for Marriage.  I thank God that I ran into your site on the internet -- I hope God teaches me to apply these Godly principles. I have been praying and trying to reach my wife, I still have so much to learn. I have passed these articles on to others.  Thank you, Steve.

A friend told me about this website. Blessings,  Melissa Schutte

Dear Reb and Beverly,  Greetings from Redondo Beach. A friend sent me your most recent article and I didn't even realize it was yours until I went to your web-site. What a great article. I printed up all 26 pages and read it last night. I have come to many of the same conclusions but could never articulate them as you have done. I hope many "family-minded" Christians will read and heed these admonitions, but if not, God has a way of taking away our idols and humbling us for our good and His glory. As my children have grown, I have had to realize that my prayers are more important than my words. God is faithful and He has shown me that I had to give up my dream for my children and accept His plan with His children, He knows what is best and He is faithful. He loves them more than I ever could. I was reminded too that He saved me with no help from my family, He did it and He gets all the glory.  I told a friend one time that I did what I did as a homeschooling Mom because that was what God wanted me to do, so the results were His not mine. I can't take the credit or the blame, I will stand before Him for what I have done not what they have done or haven't done. I am not sure why homeschooling parents get caught up by the mentality that God needs our help to produce His children, I'm sure there are as many reasons as there are believers, but the enemy is also there to deceive and destroy and we forget that the problem of sin is not out there; but in our sinful hearts and the hearts of our children. Gods blessing on you both and the family. Love & Hugs, Nettie

God bless you for allowing me to find this web site -- Daniel

I'm an 18 year old girl who is listening to the Courtship and Marriage Series. It has helped me greatly with the pressures of this world. I am getting my friends to listen to the CDs together so that we can be prepared when guys show interest in us. Peace to all who are in Christ Jesus. Rachel Carmin

I called in on the KFAX Radio program two weeks ago.  You were invited on as a guest the next day, because of my call.  Remember "Ann from Oakland"?  I listened to you talk and appreciated all that you had to say -- it was a great encouragement. I have had to deal with many great obstacles to continue doing what I believe is right. I feel very much alone because of the fact that I am a single Mom doing something no one else is doing. I had CPS involved because of my situation and almost lost my kids, but God in His great mercy and love protected me as my Father, Savior and Refuge. He has shut the lion's mouth and kept us together and safe. He respects and honors our prayers and desire even in the face of great opposition and obstacles. I am a walking example of His miracles. Peace with you. I would like to be on your mailing list and receive help on child discipline, homeschool and family issues.  Ann

We first encountered you at the CHEA convention in So. Cal. We also visited your church near Sacramento. Hope to see you again. Logan and Pam Bechtol

Dear Friends, ( we think of you as friends) We come to your website for refreshment in the narrow way when the traditions and rudiments of man get to be too much to bear in our age segregated local church.  You encourage us as we walk and we pray that God uses us. Your materials have helped us to build our family on the solid rock and we are eternally grateful.  Greg and Laura Lynn, Florida

Dottie Halter

"What I REALLY Wish I Knew When My Children Were Young"; I read the newsletter and cried and repented for about a week. I saw myself so many times in your newsletter. Thank you so much for being transparent with your experiences. The writing were so anointed. We are immediately changing our parenting even though our dd is 17. God is the restorer our trust is in Him. You hit us dead on and I sent the letter to another friend of mine with younger children 11 and 13 and she thanked me as she also wept and repented. Praise the Lord she has time to turn things around. What a blessing to sound the alarm and help parents with their good intentions. God Bless you!!   Cheri

This is a wonderful site want to order some things too. Thanks.

I am Rev. Dr. Augustine Joseph from Bangalore, India. I visited your website, it is awesome. I would like to be involved in your ministry. Please visit our website for more details. I am counseling broken families, addicts, divorced etc. Be blessed and used by God. Rev. Dr. Augustine Joseph

Your website is very beneficial. I enjoy looking at the different materials available. Beth Hudler

Thanks for the practical and Biblical help for our family. Laura Leake

Thank You for your ministry. Thank you again! Maybe we aren't so alone after all! Now I will get reading. In Christ, Leisa (Australia)

I loved your video series about Courtship and Marriage (I have yet to see the last one of the series but that is another story!). I will be praying for your ministry and looking forward to the release of your new book. Shave for your wife, will you? Thanks, Stephanie Sagen, Naples, Florida

Taking one of your courses at church on child training and love it. thank you!!

Just found a copy of your book when I was house-sitting and am going to read it and get a copy for myself. Mary Kristine Whitehead, Mother of two.

Hi we have really appreciated your teaching on training children. We were so lost as what to do with our children and now we have peace and so do our children.     I would like to request your input on how to deal with bullies concerning young children. We are homeschooling our children but still experience the bully in the neighborhood, the playground, and even with the relatives. I'm not asking for a response but to consider putting out material in the form of books or tapes about this subject in the future. There seems to be a lack of information on this subject from the Christian view point. Thank you, Rob & Marilene Dezall

Mr.Bradley, Thank You for your love and compassion to me. Eva Metz

As one of many who heard Reb speak at the FPEA Conference in Orlando, I was amused and educated and enlightened, and so appreciative of all he had to say. It made me reflect on past mistakes, but with plenty of time to "buckle down" and love our 4 children the way our family deserves to love and be loved. I ANXIOUSLY await his DVD to see what else we can learn. A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to Reb and his family. Respectfully,  Catherine Nalven

Thank you for a great seminar at the FPEA convention. I am inspired once again. Nickie

I have heard your name several times on various Christian sites and finally found a link! Thank you for sharing your articles. I'm looking forward to reading and studying them.  Renee Geiken

Hi! I am trying to find out if the book on Child Training Tips: What I wish I knew when my children were young, is available in Spanish. My husband and I got the book and recommend it to all of our friends, sadly, we have a lot of Spanish speaking friends that we would love to give this book to, but I need it in Spanish. Please let me know if the book is available and were I could buy the book.

My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Mr. Bradley speak at a homeschool conference here in Atlanta last month.  I was encouraged, challenged, and redirected by Mr. Bradley's teachings. I'm about to finish the book Child Training Tips; and will be starting the CD series What I REALLY Wish...; Thanks to Mr. Bradley's teachings we clearly see where we have gotten off course with our children. Thanks to Mr. Bradley's Bible based wisdom and experience I am confident that with the word freshly illuminated, and the equipping of the Holy Spirit, we will now newly equipped, more accurately direct our children's path towards Godly maturity.  Blessings, Teressa Sinnett- Dallas GA

Just signing your guest book. I have much enjoyed Fig leaves and Child Training Tips. Keep up the GREAT ministry. Debra Leanderson

georgia williams

We read your book What I wish...; and were very blessed. We recently tapped into your seminar CD's on courting and marriage and have been greatly helped. Our assembly has lost many of our young people because they were drawn away by the world, the flesh & the devil. We also have many divided homes in our assembly; many spouses fell away because they would not endure sound doctrine. (Do you have any literature that addresses this issue?) We still have a few young people who have been kept pure and are waiting on the Lord for spouses. The simplicity shown on the seminar teachings are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Andrea McComas  Ravenswood WV.

I'm so glad to find your site!  I am pouring over the materials in order to better rear my 6 children. thank you.   tami lewis

Bradley family,  My dh and I listened to your seminar on winning the hearts of your children, and have been encouraged and challenged. Thank you for your honesty. We were in full-time ministry for almost eight years and left very discouraged by church work and turned to fostering children. We just started homeschooling last year, and are in the beginning stages of starting our own business. Do I have your permission to reference you on my blog and add a link to your site?    Many Blessings,   The Costner Family

Hi Reb, We have ordered your tapes and child training books, excellent info. We have a just-turned 1 yr old and want to start what we've learned. When can we start the training process? We haven't found where you have mentioned age appropriate training. We have an 21 yr old and wish we knew about your info back then. We don't want to make the same mistakes. Thank you so much for your hard work and wisdom, and the time you have put in to your books and tapes.  Thank you,   Geoff and Michelle Bouchey

Your child training advice has really blessed our family. Thank you.  Charles and Kathy Lowers, Founders, Considering Homeschooling

Blessings to you in your ministry. It has been informative and revelation-filled with regard to what the Lord needs to work out of my husband and I.

Thank you so much for your material and seminar. My husband and I attended a seminar in Orlando, FL in September of 2004 and our then 3 children were 4, 2 and 7 months. I am now taking this class again (through video at our church) and our now 4 kids are 6, 4, 2 and 5 months. Your instruction and the working of the Holy Spirit changed our lives after the seminar and it still continues to do so this time. Every age is proving to offer new and exciting challenges with our children and I am so thankful to have your wisdom to draw on. My children are certainly better behaved but more importantly, we are training them to 1. Love God and 2. Love Others, and our home is now a much more peaceful place.  I can't thank you enough and will be praying for your ministry.    Holly Smith, Orlando, FL

My husband and I have been in full time ministry in the pastorate for ten years. My husband also teaches Homiletics at a Bible college and I am an invited guest speaker from time to time in some of the women's classes there and at women's conferences. We are in our 11th and final year of homeschooling. I purchased at a home school curriculum fair/conference several years back Reb's book "Child Training Tips". We found it to be a VERY helpful book and easy to read and refer to. This last week I gave a baby shower and shared tips and excerpts from Reb's book. ALL the ladies there were so blessed and so I placed an order this morning for 9 books. Thank you for such a wonderful and practical book. We all know we are commanded by the Lord to bring our children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord - but the daily living out of that leaves some wondering. All the moms appreciated how specific the book is. For example, the lists "How do we know discipline is incomplete?" and "Recognizing a child run home"; etc. THAT is one of the reasons the book is so unique. Thank you for your ministry and God bless you.   In His Glorious Service,  Mrs. Connie Bohannon

Dear Mr. Bradley, I am taking your course on Courtship and Marriage at my church (New Hope Ministries, Naples, Florida) and am very much enjoying it. I have a 15 year old son and am grateful to have the information now (wish I had it when I was 15!) Thank you! Stephanie Sagen 

I have listened to you on the radio.  It was really interesting how most of your talks were related to the Bible, and you referred to the Bible so much.  I would like to know more about your Bible studies.  Rosaline Williams

I am considering homeschooling. At the moment I am doing partial home schooling. Which means I allow my child to do math, science, computer, and English studies at the school But I take my child for Christian studies when system teaches sex education or cultural studies. I also take my child for sport. I know Jesus prayed for the Father to look after us saying we are no part of the world but not to take us out of the world and have followed this example in considering my decision. Hope this may help others.   Marilyn

I found some items for sale on eBay by Brother Bradley and as usual looked him up to learn what I could (test the spirits?) before I considered buying.  I am happy to say the Lord has brought me to another good teacher! I felt a little giddy with so much good material to choose from! Thanks for your work and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family and ministry.   A Keeper at Home,   Yvette Landreneau

Hi Reb,  Enjoyed hearing you at CHEA convention when my wife and I were home schooling our kids down here in OC. Both now at Biola.  Happy to hear you have taken over the name of our old ministry, Family Ministries, formerly of Cerritos, CA, where I worked when I got out of Bible college in the 80's. Founded as The Evangelical Welfare Adoption Agency, they felt Family Ministries sounded better. Anyway, they closed their doors shortly after I left in 1985 to found New Heart Ministries .If you ever get any calls asking if Dr Ron Arko worked there for you, now you know... I did! But before your time.  God bless you and your lovely family. (Wow! and your wife looks the same after all these years!) Sincerely, Dr and Mrs. Ron Arko

Thank you for the blessings that this site gives all who read it.    Mr. & Mrs Cash

Many Great articles! Thanks Darren Nettrouer      McMinnville, OR

Mark and Maureen Walker bid you many blessings....coming to Iowa ever? :)

Just thought I'd drop a note to say hi. Haven't known where you all are for years and looked you up on the internet. Hope all is well - looks like God has really blessed your ministry.   Marilee (Mitchell) Letts

My name is Geoff Hohneck. I live in Adelaide Australia. I am the Senior pastor of New Community Church.   Was doing a search to find out some info on family ministries & came upon your site. I spent quite some time in the various sections and was greatly encouraged with your theology and philosophy of ministry. Our relatively new church has a real need of a special ongoing emphasis on God's pathway for the family; and you material is most helpful.  Thanks; God bless    Geoff

I bought the book; What the Bible Says About CT; about 20 years ago from a 2nd hand book shop. It has been one of my best investments. Thank you.  We have 4 children. Artie and Gail van Ryswyk    Australia

Hi. Don't know if you remember us. Just wanted to say thank you for the blessing you and Beverly were in my life. Hope all is well.   Kathy Cole

Greeting from ENGLAND!!!   Your book "What I Wish I Knew When My Children Were Young"  has been the best resource compared to many other books in regards to understanding discipline. It was introduced to my husband and I when my kids were young and it worked!!! I think they are the best teenagers in the world and I know that your advice was a huge part of it. Thank You!!    Now, we are in England and I thought I brought a copy of your book; DID NOT.   How can I get 2 copies? I would gladly pay for them. Thanks,  Ruth Russell

Dear Mr. Bradley:  I have borrowed your tapes on raising children from a friend of mine and found them life-changingly wonderful. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and would love to know when you plan on visiting the area. Even my husband is listening to the tapes and what an amazing transformation in both of us and our young boys. Thank you.    Sebryna Hunt

Like your website.  Homeschooling 8 for the Lord in the Dominican Republic. Dr Gene Anthony  Deut. 6:7,8

I heard you, Mr. Reb Bradley, on AFR "Today's Issues" I immediately ordered 6 copies of Child Training Tips and tonight was reading through the book again! Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences. Mrs. Cabrera Richmond VA

I absolutely love your tape series on Courtship.  Oregon needs this teaching.  We have 4 children and we have taught them that dating is not an option (according to the Word).  We are so pleased to see how they are growing into wonderful young people with a heart to glorify God. Please come to Oregon (Salem/Portland) soon!  Thank you.  Melanie Voorhees

Reb: I heard you on AFR radio this morning and was so impressed by your knowledge of child rearing. I am a grandmother of 11 and had 5 children, and I do wish I had known some of the things you brought out to your audience. I feel such a failure for not having all my children as Christians now and feel maybe I forced them to church and not taught them to Love going and serving the Lord as I do. I love the Lord so much for His patience with me.   Thank you for sharing your wonderful God given knowledge with us. Donnalee Ware

Reb just wanted to say hi. We had a fantastic time camping with you. We look very much forward to getting to know your family better. See ya soon. Eric Tring along with Cristin, Morgan, Miller, Meyer and Micah

Dear Reb,    Thank you so much for your book Child Training Tips. I have 3 boys, age 6 to 14 and have been very frustrated. This book has given me a renewed understanding of how to raise my family God's way. So many things reminded me of how my parents raised me. I've read many books on child discipline but none have been as straight and direct as this one. Too many times there is too much worldly psychology mixed in with the biblical by well meaning, well respected, godly men. But impractical, and too complicated. The fact is God laid it out for us in His word and you have done a great job putting it together in this book. It isn't complicated, as we sometimes try to make it, but it is hard work and it takes commitment and dedication.  Thank you and God Bless You!      Stephanie Trotter, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Thank you for your child training and courtship materials. They contain information that is so desperately needed! Thank you for putting free articles and excerpts on this site. We have four young sons, and are seriously struggling with them in the self-control area, which, of course, affects every aspect of our lives. I have felt discouraged lately about my parenting, feeling like a failure. Reading these excerpts helped me gain perspective and renewed purpose. I am eager to buy your books and tapes! ~J.I.

From the New Hampshire conference:    Dear Reb and Beverly,  I just wanted to thank you so much.  Your talks have made a huge impact on my life.  I know that what you were saying comes right from the heart of God.  I also bought some of your books and tapes and I know that the Lord isn't done with me yet.  I've been a Christian for 20 years and yet I realized this weekend that I have not been living for Jesus as I thought I had been.  I've been living in selfishness and unforgiveness and I didn't even realize it.   Thank you so much for allowing God to use you both in such a mighty way.  In His great love,   S B 

We have read some of your materials and found them to be quite helpful. Keep up the good work!   Terry and Vickey Hiebert

A nice site.   Grace Okeng,     Antwerp, Belgium

I have thanked you before, but now want to say how I have helped many other parents by teaching them the principles in your books and audio sets. Your materials have done more to change my life than any other extra-biblical resources I have used. God Bless and thank you very much..

Dear Reb, I wanted to let you know what a blessing your ministry is to my family. My first exposure to your ministry was through your booklet "Dangers of Modern Dating". At first, I was rather offended by the principals that you presented. I thought courting was archaic, oppressive, and down right old fashioned. Who could possibly expect a young person not to date. HA! I hated the idea that, just maybe, the bible was full of real modern guidelines for a Godly life. After all, it was written so long ago. Surely God didn't expect us to still follow those rules. Being a fairly new, baby Christian, I obviously had a lot to learn. After reading, (and promptly rejecting) your message, I found that everything I heard or read, was leading me to reconsider, forcing me to look at God's word in a new way. I have since changed my rebellious ways. My husband and I have recently led our four pre-teen daughters into a new understanding of the relationships that God is setting aside for them. They have each eagerly accepted their contract with Him, to wait until God presents them as gifts to their "Adam". Thank you so very much for your unswerving commitment to bring biblical principals back into the homes and hearts of America, no matter how hard and "non-PC" it might be. God's ways are truly not our ways. I have gained new faith in God's sovereignty and grace in large part due to my struggles to deal with the (clearly biblical) concepts in your writing. Thank you and thank you. Yours in Christ, Michelle Ricketts

I have read many parenting books, but your book, honestly is the best in keeping the big picture in mind for parents (the glory of God, self controlled, respectful children) but at the same time flushing that out in real life and explaining what the looks like-and doesn't look like. Thanks. LaNae Sanchez, pastor's wife

I am new to Concord and am trying to connect with other homeschoolers.

I find your material very helpful. We are church-plant pastors in Elk Grove, CA and have even adapted some of your ministry ideas for our people. Thanks for your insight! Pastor James & Chris Seiler History Makers Church

I just received a copy of Child Training Tips from WND and am excited and scared about the changes that are soon to be made by this child-run home. Thanks God for this tool. God bless. Joanna Dickinson,

Thank you for your obedience to Christ as you teach about courtship and marriage (and many other very important topics). I have been so blessed to listen to your tapes and to know that there is a ministry that goes against the grain to promote godly relationships within the body of Christ. May the Lord bless you and use you in mighty ways to free His people from the patterns of broken relationships. Romans 15:13 In Christ, Jennifer Cecil

Dear Mr. Bradley, We were so encouraged and positively impacted by hearing you speak in Springfield, Missouri this past spring. We have read and passed on your book on child rearing tips. You made reference to a three page application for 'courting my daughter.' You may have been joking, but we think it would be a wonderful idea. Do you have such a thing available for parents to preview? Your insightful wisdom would be though provoking for us. I see you are no longer pastoring a local church. I pray the Lord will give you many opportunities this new year to minister to the family. God bless you as you go. Sincerely, Mrs. Bennett

I would like to interview Reb Bradley this Friday (12-17)at 9:30 EST by phone for WRFD radio in Columbus OH Call 614-419-9000.

I happened to pick up two of your album sets: Bringing Your Children to an Early Maturity and Effective Parenting of Teens at a CFC (Communicators For Christ) conference. Great messages!!! The last two sessions of Effective Parenting Of Teens are life transforming! Thank you for your messages and ministry. May God double your blessings in return! Do you have your speaking schedule for 2005 yet? In Him, Jenny from Chicago.

Hello Reb and Beverly, I have had the blessings of being able to listen to Reb at a couple home school conventions.. Thank you so much. And your Child Training Tips saved my life when my children were young. God sent it to me just when I was searching for something that was black and white, no grey areas. It was awesome. Now I am trying to find a study to do with my 2 girls and my friend and her 2 girls that promotes what God wants for them and what He expects of them. Our girls are 13 and 11. I already have the courtship series, but am looking for something for them to do and study, how to become godly young ladies. What do you recommend?? The purity series?? Thank you. In His love, Diane Warstler

A fellow homeschool mom loaned me your Child Training Tips and the tape series. Wow! I had greatly veered off course with my two girls, ages 6 and 8, and had not yet begun to train my 22 month old boy. My definition of obedience/child training and my daily practice were miles apart. The Lord has convicted me of my need for consistency and my husband has even taken the time to listen to some of the tapes with me!! Praise the Lord for the wisdom he has given to you. Margaret

Good day Sir, this is your son away in the army. I wanted to say thank you for raising me the way you did. I thank God for who I am today through my parents.  Love you and can't wait to come back home.

Just purchased your book, "Child Training Tips" and is so timely, and I believe right from the hand of God! We be ordering videos shortly. May our Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

Dear Reb and Beverly, My family and I met you at the Denver airport in July 2004. We were honored to receive, from you, a copy of your book, 'Child Training Tips'. We enjoyed it so much we have passed it on and now need to purchase one for ourselves to refer back to now and then. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in raising Godly children. Thank you for your generosity. God bless you, your family, and your ministry. If ever in Denver, we would love to meet up with you. Thank you once again for truly being a disciple of Christ. Sincerely, Leah and Robert Sandoval


Hello there, my name David MacBeath. I think it a wonderful thing u are doing. God bless. from David MacBeath


I ordered the "Tips for Child Training" from World Net Daily. It is wonderful to see all those things I once knew about, and my mother knew a lot about, well defined. I am a born again Christian who works in a Catholic girls high school as disciplinarian - this book helped me see so much I am not doing properly. I am here looking at other materials. Thank you. God bless you with more messages. Thanks! Rebecca Manelski, Wilmington, Delaware.

Thank you for your ministry. Mike and Carin Parents of 6 homeschooled children in Colorado Springs, CO.

May the lord fil your the heart with the happyness joy and be fil with tht he Holy spirit yours friend too, this beautiful heavenly gift and read this sweet,like honey psalm 23.Pray for revival.Blessing keijo sweden

Thank you for your ministry, you have given me some hope even though my wife has been gone for one year. Both of us know the LORD, and I'm trusting that God would turn her heart back home after 35 yrs of marriage. Your article "the harden wife" really spoke to me...... sincerely john

Hello. I just wanted to thank you for all your resources. It has been such a help. I noticed you two were not doing any other speaking engagements for a season. Do you know when you will begin again as we would love for you to speak here in Bakersfield, CA. -Amanda

Rebecca Coppersmith

Hello, I have been so blessed by you already. I am reading your child training tips book and it is magnificent! I have read many books but yours is so practical and real. I no longer feel hopeless or inadequate. I'm not through with your book yet but I am very excited. I had a great day today, not because my house now looks the way I want it to but because my day was spent training my children. I have also visited your Hope Chapel site and again I am refreshed and encouraged. I agree whole heartedly with you philosophies and am so blessed to know that there is a Church that is actually living it. I was so impressed with your Church that I searched for housing in your area (too expensive!). So many families are suffering today and I'm not sure that the Church is equipped to help them. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to God in equipping the saints. May God bless you and use you. If you know of any Churches like yours in southern California please let me know! Thank You. In Christ, Jennifer Cameron (

God brought me to your web site, it is one of the things I needed. God Bless You! Ishmal Ratliff

Mark and Julie Picking of Bakersfield, CA We love the child training tapes. We have a 6 month old son. It is our goal to to learn as much as possible to lay a sound foundation for our children. If we give it our all and seek out the tools to do things biblically to the best of our ability, then we figure God will cover the rest. After all it is His GRACE.

My sister got me some of your child training tapes and I have enjoyed them tremendously. I have a four year old, a one year old, and I am three months pregnant. My husband is a paratrooper in the 82nd AirBorne so parenting with a sometimes deployed soldier can be tough, and I appreciate all of the help I can get. I have recommended your book and tapes to countless people. It has been the most common sense approach I have heard. Thank you very much, and I would love to hear you speak. Sincerely, Sarah Kaczor

Hello, my name is John. I've been separated from my wife for 10 months. She left the marriage, and I hope she returns. Your articles are excellent in regards to resentment unforgiveness and unjustified anger. Secular psychology does not come close to the real problems of marriage. I desire another opportunity with my wife so we can grow together in his grace. "Thank you"

My name is Amy Tice and my e-mail address is I am reading Child Training Tips for the second time and I absolutely love it. When is the second one coming out???

My husband and I heard you in St. Louis at the CHEF Conference. We both enjoyed hearing you so much. We bought your tapes and intend to buy more. Thank you. Kent & Stacey Nurnberger

I love your materials. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Albuquerque at the homeschool convention. Melanie Rodgers,

After attending some of Reb Bradley's sessions at a recent homeschool convention I was deeply touched. Somewhat overwhelmed, but feeling like being on the right path. Annette Colon

I bought some tapes at the Homeschool conference in St. Charles, MO, and REALLY loved them. I am very impressed with your insights, and truly appreciate your messages on brother and sister relationships, and Teaching Your Children to Love One Another. I can see I'll be ordering some more tapes soon. Thank you, Patti Bealer

I am the mother of a severe ADHD child (10), and also a quiet ADD boy (12). My question is, since these problems are a mental disorder, I need help with Christian discipline, for bad behavior. Thanks, Joanne Horton.

Hello, My name is Tracey Tsantles. Thank you for your website. My email is I have read your book, "Child Training Tips". I love the practicality of the book. Thank you for your wisdom; may the Lord continue to abundantly bless your ministry.

I am Pastor Cost from Uganda. Please tell me the church name you visited in Uganda. I love your ministry of ministering to families. Keep it up.                  [Reb visited New Hope Children's Centre in Kasana.]

Dear Lord, Please help me to have good family relationships in the Lord so I can have, good Christian relationships in the Lord, one of in marriage, to the right person for all the right reasons, without divorce, or abuse of any kind, thank You, amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work in a Christian Book Store in Ft. Smith, AR. and just recently purchased your book on Child Training Tips...wish I had had the help when I was training my children but I am happy to be able to share it for the training of my grandchildren. Thank you. Roberta

Jack and Patty Wilcox Family Harvest Ministries Jacksonville,Florida 32216 We love this site! Keep up the good work!

Amber Coberley- I am very impressed with the ultimate answer of whats happened to america, however I do have a few comments toward it. For the most part I believe you have hit the nail on the head!

God Has blessed You, 

I am very thankful to God for this ministry may He keep blessing you and yours thank-you Arlene Misner


I have just discovered your book on Child Training. I can't wait to get it and pinpoint problem areas in our lives. Thank you! Sandy Shock San Diego, CA Horizon Christian Fellowship

Your teaching in the audio series "Biblical Insights into Child Training" has revolutionized our home. We have a nearly five year old who was changed in 3 days due to our implementing your teaching. He has an amazing spirit of love and obedience we never quite saw before. In no time, through consistent parenting and punishing the FIRST time he disobeyed, our home was changed for the better. We thank God for you, and your vision and anointing. We are now preparing to teach a small group using your materials.   Cameron and Angela 

Hello- Saw your bios on a website for homeschooling convention coming up in New Hampshire. Hope to meet both of you there! Blessings, Mary Martin

Lynn Emanuel

I am so happy to have found this website! I received "Child Training Tips" as a gift and may I say it was life changing - for my daughter as well as myself. Honestly, I looked at some suggestions in the book and thought I could never do those things, some sounded downright mean! God made it clear to me that Mr. Bradley was right on track, though. I've come to find out that most of those things I thought of as harsh, I only had to do once because it was so effective. Thank you, Mr. Bradley for your Godly insight ... you have been a true Godsend in my life!

rachel e leyva

Karmen Estes

I am looking for Scriptures for when a child has to be told to leave home.

We have just listened to your series on Courtship and Marriage. It was very enlightening. We hope to guide our children through this new stage in a biblical way. We know the way my husband and I chose was not a wise way. It is only be the grace, mercy, and love of God that we have been married 26 years. Thanks for sharing these truths. They need to be heard church wide. We attend Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City. Damaris Baral

I'm praying for you!   Grace Bradley

I love your book "Child Training Tips". It has been a great blessing to our family. We have seen a change in our kids the last few weeks after reading your book & putting it into practice in our home. I bought several of the books & I'm passing them out to friends. Thank you for teaching us to Train our children better! Twila Whetsel

Appreciated your book FIG LEAVES --- you could offer an extra chapter on how to overcome sin and receive victory in Christ. The book is much like that of Thinking Errors/Cognitive Self Change. I use some of those concepts in my TX of Pt. Keep up the good work, Otto Zuckschwerdt, LCPC -- E-mail:

David Blakely, pastor

We are looking forward to having Beverly share with us in Quito, Ecuador - very soon! Blessings on you as you prepare. Gina Cline

Hi, I'm Ann, and I just visited your website. I find so interesting the topics you had. I love reading true to life stories and others family oriented topics. I like this website coz it provide me topics which i could share with my members in my community during our sharing (reflection on certain topics preferably the spiritual/family oriented topics) thanks. and God speed!

Just to let you know that I just shared your material with a whole new group of ladies.... new studies will start soon!!! aloha

Heard about you from another homeschooling family and decided to check out your doctrine and resources. So far I am encouraged. Thank you,  Trina Faust

Hi,REV. REB, This is a Family from Perry, Florida , First Baptist Church. Thank you for coming to our Church.We Will Try to do better at CHILD TRAINING. Hope that you had an great flight back home. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. DAVID , MARINA , HANNAH and KEITH BUNDRICK

Hi, Our friends just shared the Biblical Insights into Child Training tapes with us. We greatly enjoyed this teaching. It confirmed many thoughts we had and also taught us some new principles by which to live. We appreciate this biblical teaching very much. In Christ, Jon & Kim Speed Our church website:

Dear Pastor Reb, I have been extremely encouraged along my walk with the Lord through "His" hand working in brother Fugate's, Richardson's, Rader's, and your (Reb) service to me. Whether it be by way of cassette, video, or literature that is edifying in many aspects of my spiritual life. As a full time student and not currently working I was hoping that I would be able to bless the ministry financially in some way, but since that wasn't possible as of now, the Lord led me to pray for you and the elders and those in the body, that when "He" came in the midst of the body there "He" would find saints available entirely for His use in the Kingdom P.S. May God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you and fill your mouth and head and words with His Unction. Grace and Peace to you, Neb

Greetings in Christ our Lord and Saviour! God Bless you as you help Families turn to Him. In Christ the Lord, Themis Papaioannou


Thank you for all your Biblical teachings for families. Deborah Blake

Dear Pastor Reb I have looked at your preaching schedule and see that you are quite booked until November 2003. I have noticed that August is open but that might be too soon. If not possible this year, we would like to book you to minister in February 2004. We have currently placed an order for variously materials that we will be using for our Christian Maturity Course for young people. Some suggestions for the visit to South Africa: The Biblical Path to Mental & Emotional Health. Following Jesus into Wholeness or a Family Life Series. As previously stated we did have Dave and Kathy Walters on two occasions to South Africa. We would love to have you minister to us. Please confirm as soon as possible when you will be available for ministry (2003/2004). Yours in His Service. Pastor Johan Esterhuizen Harvest Christian Fellowship e-mail:

You folks are truly answered prayer.... I went back to the Garden and started over.....!! Now we are sharing with as many as we can. Your tapes will soon be worn out and we will need more!! Mahalo and aloha! JoDee Hunt., Hope Chapel Kaneohe

I am urgently looking for your ministry material.  Would Pastor Reb Bradley consider visiting South Africa (we have done a number of seminars with Dave Walters) We would love to hear him. Pastor Johan Esterhuizen Harvest Christian Fellowship Johannesburh RSA

Reb,we were very fortunate to attend your seminar in lovely chester N.H. since then we have moved to Limerick, M.E. Looking at your schedule I do not see any plans to come back to the east any time soon. If at all possible we would love to help you work your way back. our new church family, i'm sure,would love to host you. We have greatly benifited from the course and so have our children. whenever people compliment our children we mention your class. thank you and God bless!!!!! The FitzGerald's

Pastor Michael Smith

Belinda Lorfing Praise God for your ministry regarding child training. What truth! Thank you for your books and materials and your courage to speak the truth. Please add me to your email list so you can send information about your new products and your future seminar locations. Sincerely, The Lorfing Family (Houston, TX)

Bro. Reb and Mrs. Beverly, We were blessed and encouraged to have you at the MHEA Spring Conference in Clinton, Mississippi in May. My prayer is that God will continue to use you in a powerful way. And Bro. Reb, GROW YOUR BEARD BACK! Anthony Powell Waynesboro, MS

Hello, my name is Karin. I have just finished listening to your tapes on courtship and marriage, and they have been life changing! I believe God has used your tapes to show me the truth of what the Bible teaches about a godly union! I have gone down the wrong path of dating one to many times in my life. I believe with God's grace I dont have to go there anymore. I am a single mom of a boy and I am able to home school him. God has blessed me with a dear friend, who's husband has a desire to disciple my son in God's word. Her husband also has a desire to be a father figure for me in the courtship process. He will get to know the man and do all the screening for me. God is so good!! I feel like a heavy weight has been taken off of me! I am going to keep studying the principles of courtship to prepare myself for that day and for my son. Please pray that God would help me to prepare to be a godly wife. Also, please pray that God would send the right husband and father for my son in His time. Thank God for you, and all of those who work with you to help the family!!


When I saw the name "Hope Chapel" linked with Family Ministries, I wanted to check out the website to see if you were affiliated with Hope Hermosa. My husband Jim and I attended there for many years (15-30 years ago) and were grounded in our Christian faith there. --Linda Hogue, Grace Comminity Church, Ramona, CA

Hi I am greatly blessed by your book 'Child Training Tips'which was purchased at a Bill Gothard crusade held here in Singapore. It serves as a safe beacon for many a parent in search of sound biblical guidance on bringing up upright children in an-upside down world. Thanks for your ministry and may you be continually blessed in return.

Thank you to Beverly who was speaking just to me at the conference in Jackson, MS. I have that nine year old boy. We've done everything wrong, thinking it was right! She changed our lives. God used you and your son to help us. I am so grateful. I'm looking so forward to giving all those old habits up and relaxing and loving our boy for the person God made him. Thank you Thank you Sincerely, Michelle Sheppard Greenwood,MS

Dear Pastor Bradley, My wife and I attended the MHEA (Miss.Home Ed Asoc.) conference this weekend in Jackson, MS. I would like to pass along my heartfelt appreciation to you and your wife for taking the time for coming to Mississippi and sharing your ministry, wisdom & passion with us all. It really meant a lot to me in my relationship with Jesus and with my family. Thank you for the encouragement to us both. May God continue to richly bless you. In Christ, Billy & Amy Corbin

ovie christopher, p. o. box 4024 benin city, edo state, nigeria

Thank you for doing the work God has set before you. I pray he will continue to bless the work of your hands. Please pray for other parents to hear God's leading in their parenting, as so many of us feellike we are going at this with no background to lean on. Roxanne

Reb: Thanks for the wonderful seminar in San Diego. It has made a tremendous difference in our family. I have suggested your books and tapes to several friends. Keep up the great work. Chris

I love Hope Chapel the church!!! I go to  Hope Chapel and I encourage you to go.  Briar Bowser

Douglas E. Reeder:

Thank you very much Pastor Reb for all your help

I would like to thank you for your help. My child was very hard to handle. She had difficulty learning in the school environment, so I had to teach her myself. Thanks to your training, I now have her under control, and can start teaching her in better ways. Thank you Pastor Reb.

My husband and I have been very encouraged by your ministry, your book, and the video series we are watching with other parents at our church. As we continue to seek Him and His Word, He gives much wisdom and has blessed us with so many great resources, one of the best of which has been your ministry. By God's grace, our home of three children, ages 4, 3 and 1, is peaceful most of the time! Praise be to Him! Thanks for your hard work and encouragement. Nikki Hammel

Hearing Beverly speak at the Arizona Home Educators Convention in summer, 2002 has been used by the Lord to grow me to be a much more gracious, joyful Mommy...THANK YOU for giving to the Lord. Sarah Demarest

Would you please send me your catalog? Thankyou, Donnie Ogne 7469 54th Street North Oakdale,MN 55128

My name is Richard Dunn I am planting a church in Blacksburg Va. Today is the first time I have logged on your web site. I must say I have really enjoyed what I have read and seen. Keep up the good work. I would like to know if you have any material about planting (starting )new churches. contact me at P.S. I'll pray for your church and your extended ministries.

Please send your catalogue to Robert C. Camenisch, 417 Danville Ave., Stanford, KY 40484-1152

Renee Gray, President RCHSA, Salisbury, NC Got this site link from our e-group posting Heard you both speak at NCHE conference in 1999 in Winston-Salem, NC God bless you and your ministry

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I love your website and pray for you daily. I appreciate all that you are doing for the cause of Christ. Peace and Love, "for the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly."(psalm 84:11) our Orphanage in India that supports children who are poor, handicapped physically, and uneducated. This orphanage also is a Home Church where families visit for worship services, and it reaches out in every way possible through God in their area by supporting those who are in need and conveying the Good News. please pray for us, john,


Dear Pastor Bradley, I am a homeschooling mother of 4, an almost 16yr. old ds, a 12yr. old dd, and 4yr. old b/g twins. Things are very chaotic around here. A friend of mine leant me your child training seminar tapes, because I was interested in it. I have had them for a few months now, and I just started listening to them yesterday. I am so convicted. I thought that I was mostly listening for help with the twins, but I realize that my 12yr. old fits many of your profiles as well. I am sorry to admit it, but I do operate a child-run home. People are always telling us what wonderful, well-mannered, well-behaved children we have, but I have thought that they just don't know, and that is not enough!! I have known of many of the principles that you mention in your teaching since my oldest was very small, but I have not been consistent. I see how very wrong that has been! I realize that this child training job is not optional, but a command. I have much retraining to do. I am just thankful that the Lord has revealed these things to me before it was too late, even though I know it will take A LOT of hard work, especially with the 12 yr. old. The twins are still young, so hopefully it won't be as hard with them. Even though the oldest is a very responsible, compliant child, I want him to have consistency and harmony modeled for him before he leaves the nest. I am so thankful that your tapes put "it" all together in one place. I have a lot of dying to my own self to do in order to properly train these precious souls. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you, A desperate, repentant, and grateful mother P.S. I also dug out your Child Training Tips book that I have had for years today. Reading over it now makes even more sense since I have been listening to your tapes.

Diane Suigussaar Love the book, Child Training Tips?

I would like to inquire about you doing a family seminar for my church in Chicago. I would, however, like to have a ball park figure for the amount of donation for your presentation, as I wouldn't want to insult you with the honorarium. I have just been appointed director of family ministries and would like to make a good impression and use of your info seems to be a great start. My name is Debbie and my email is

HELP! Reb and Beverly, thanks for being a life saver in helping me understand about raising children from "Child Training Tips". What incredible truth our generation needs to hear! Our particular challenge is training our ADHD 9y old girl! Beverly's "Loving the Difficult Child" was a tremendous help in opening my eyes toward how I treat her. I noticed Beverly you mentioned that one of your children who had ADD is now "whole". Is there anyway you could share with me how you were able to accomplish such a task??? I will truly be grateful for any more light you can share on this subject. Thank you- a desperate Belinda Lorfing from Houston, TX.

I heard you on KFAX-San Jose and was really challenged by what you said about teaching self-control to our children. It answered alot of questions I'd had. Thank you!

Del Curtis I heard you on KFAX yesterday evening and appreciate you comments on raising children to have self control from an early age. Keep up the good work!

I am interested in your material on marrige mainly on submission. My email is

Bro. Reb and Mrs. Beverly, Looking forward to seeing you in Clinton, MS in May! Anthony Powell

Hayley Wiley. We have just found out about you from friends in our new homeschooling group. Thank you for your biblical advice in child training. We are new at this and desire to train our children in the LORD. We are coming to find our that we have done it wrong and our now in the process of retraining. I'm just thankful that it's not too late for us.

I found your website by accident or was it an accident, i would like to know about it. please e-mail me at

Lesley Lidge Hi, I am so happy that you are out there. I met you at a hs conference. I've read your Child Training book and have numerous tapes.

Sandy Adkins Central Christian Bookstore 6767 20th St Vero Beach,Fl 32966 I'm getting some material for our Children's Pastor to use in a class on Parenting & bring your children closer to God.

Hello, my name is William Kneeskern. I found your site very enlightening. You all are a blessing from God. Thanks.


Hello, My name is Joy S. A friend showed me your book "Child Training Tips", that a friend sent to her. So I found your web site address and here I am. I like what I have seen so far. Keep up the good work. I have three children ages 12, 14,& 16 can use prayer. Learning alot Late. Thank You!

Hello, I just got off the phone with Mr. Fugate and he was really encouraging to me. I ordered the book Child Training Tips and he was so gracious to chat with me about parenting and my 3 y.o. daughter. I am so thankful that I found out about Family Ministries. Thank you for serving our Lord and for helping young parents. Melissa Love

I like what I see on your site and ministry! Would like more info and to be conected. God Bless. Doug Renz

Dear Reb May the Lord bless your all efforts. Nice and fruitful articles. Yours in Him Dr Jany Haddad Founder and President LIVING HOPE FOR FAMILY MINISTRY

Thando Maqase

Dear Pastor: I am really glad to have found you site. My husband and I have been troubled over some of my five year olds actions. He is a very out going child with a great imagination but sometimes that can get him into trouble. He has just started all day kindergarten, at open house we found out that my son has been telling lies to his teacher. Lies about my husbands career and things of that nature. We are not sure why he is telling lies. I guess my question would be: How can we get him to stop this? Reassure him that his life is blessed, and he does not need to lie to make it look better. I am open for some feed back. Kimberly Rose

Thank you so much for your ministry! we are here again looking for some practical help. =o) Brian & MichelleLewis


So glad I found your website! I get the opportunity to hear Mr. Bradley this weekend at a homeschool conference here in Rochester, MN. I am very excited about what I will be hearing. I came to the site to check out some of the materials that will be offered at the conference and was amazed at the wealth of encouraging information here for families! Needless to say, I have bookmarked the site and will visit here often, it seems to have much of what I have been looking for as a Christian wife and homeschooling mother of 3. God Bless you for all of the time and energy put in to create a GREAT website! ~Caroline Bloom Bloom Academy Homeschool, Rochester,MN

We moved to Houston from Orangevale, CA about a year and a half ago...good to see I can find wonderful sources I thought I'd lost. I found you linked on Don't know that this will find anyone that actually remembers us...Trent used to work at CAISO, I home school my 8 children, and we knew some folks that went to your church. My prayers are that you would prosper and multiply and that your resources would continue to be a blessing and help us all to advance and possess the Kingdom for the glory of Christ. Paula Carlson

Pastor Reb, It was of great benefit to once again hear the wisdom God has given you regarding family at the Wisconsin CHEA conference. Have you considered having your material translated into different languages? (spanish and chinese, e.g.) Others would be so blessed by the biblical wisdom you and your wife present. I would love to be able to visit your church some day. We wish there was a church like yours here...we've had thoughts of planting a church like yours here in Milwaukee area. May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry.

I came across your site by accident (that's what I thought, God knew different). Then I found an article that was so perfect for a friend of mine. I later came across articles that have brought conviction into my own life. I am printing them off for closer study. Thank you for your honesty and daring to preach the true gospel. God Bless you and your family. Cheryl e-mail:



Hello Mr. Bradley.... I am a frequent visitor of your website...and I just love it. You have a lot of good and well-tested information ... and we have put some of your teaching to the test here at our home....I just want to thank you for your website and that it is available to others for help and edification. In His grace...Paulette.

We have older versions of Child Training Tips, and wanted info on the updated version. Thanks very much. Erika Price Christian Life Center Kalamazoo, MI

Dear Pastor Bradley, A friend of mine gave me your book last year, after having some trouble with my daughter. What a surprise! I was the one the Lord spoke to in the book. I have my degree in Child Development and have taught preschool for 6 years. I was using my education to discipline my children and with no success (kids were 4 and 2 last year). One year later and I have confidence that our children will be what God requires, obedient. What is even more amazing is the Lord revealed to me while reading the path from dysfunctional to functional. Thank God, Thank you.  Mrs. Sharon Slusser 

I'm 22 years old and don't have a family of my own yet, but I already have my favorite child training books. Your Child Training Tips is at the top of that list. Thank you so much for your clear and concise wisdom. Crystal Casassa

Dr. Jim and Anna Tremaine--God bless you in your efforts. In His Name

Enjoyed your web sight.

Dear Reb and Beverly, I enjoyed you both so much at the homeschooling convention. in Phoenix. God has blessed you both with a gift of sharing wisdom. I purchased most of your tapes (maybe all of them), and the one by Bev about loving our children I listen to almost daily to break bad habits. Thank you both so much for sharing what God has shown you. Janet Nemger--

God bless you and your ministry! I scanned some of your outlines and messages and am touched by the Word that you have presented. You are a voice in the wilderness, presenting the truth to all that read it. I pray the Spirit will work in the hearts of the lost and those that are saved but walking on the wrong path. Please continue in your ministry and thank you for touching our lives here. God bless, MagicBill

Thank you for sharing at the AZ conference June 29. It is our first year of homeschooling and we really learned a great deal from you and your wife. Mike & Marion Cobo

Vicki Chubbuck Thank you so much for your sound biblical teaching on raising children and teens. We are already seeing results.

Great Website! I am moving to Hawaii (OAHU) Can you recommend a church?

Hi I greet you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ actually I like to say you are doing good in the population as whole especial as we are to far with you but I think this website is doing the great job so that we could have an contact with you. I wish if you could do this also in the booklet so that even the people how don't have an access to the internet could find something that is very much valuable thanks from buddy. My e-mail is as follows or

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much you are appreciated. Thank you for applying God's Word to your teachings. Teri Shepard, Prescott, AZ

Jayne Gardner Thank you so much for your faithful, Biblical, and honest motivation to live godly lives -- especially at home. Appreciate you guys. May God richly bless your efforts! Have a good day.


It's so nice to find your web site after hearing you at the Arizona Home School Convention. I look forward to ordering many of your materials. Since the convention, my husband and I have "re-applied" ourselves to our parenting, and what a blessing it has been! Thanks for the encouragement. Annette H, Tucson, Arizona

God bless you, may you ever be in a moment to moment fellowship with the precious Holy Spirit.

Hi, I ordered several books & tape sets about a year ago, I spoke with Mr. Fugate, he encouraged me about what we were going through with our oldest son. I have been able to share so many of your talks with friends, they and I are grateful!! I know God is using you greatly to rebuild the family. May He continually bless and keep you. In Christ, John and Lana Bush, from Kentucky. Thank you.

Hello from Wausau Wisconsin! I had the privilege of viewing your video series on Child training at a family bible camp and enjoyed it very much. Just stopping by your web site to see what else you have to offer. Susie Winterhoff

Wow! My husband and I attended the Arizona Home school conference! Listening to Beverly, I could have bet that she had been living in my head. I thought, "Oh my gosh! This woman must have undercover cameras in my home! (And my heart and mind too!)" I was extremely encouraged to say the least. My oldest child is a boy and named Nathaniel as well. He could almost be described as an emotional basket case (pretty obedient but a basket case nevertheless.) But a couple of months ago the Lord showed us that he had a bruised heart from a mommy who had just plain and simply been too hard on him as a toddler and pre-schooler. Since that time, if I showed any irritation to him, he'd truly "fall-apart." A couple of months ago, we started praying for him (and with him) that Jesus would "bind-up his broken heart". What a different child we have. (He's 7 years old.) In the meantime, God is doing big things with his mommy too! God is delivering me of a lot of sinful "hang-ups" which is the true root of my frustration with the kids (we have 3.) I've also started reading the "Heart of Anger" by Lou Priolo, which has been a tremendous help. I want to thank you Beverly for being so transparent with us. I can say that I left the conference resolved (spurred by the cleansing conviction of God) to model true, Christ-like love to my children. I wish I could give you a hug! Vonda Patton; Flagstaff, AZ

Your books have overhauled our lives. Thank you! Shelley M.

Dear Pastor & Mrs. Bradley, My husband and I have so enjoyed hearing you speak in the Modesto area. One seminar in particular changed our lives (the courtship one). It strengthened our own marriage & gave us a vision for our children's futures. We are currently expecting our 2nd post-reversal baby (bringing the number to 5) & appreciate the encouragement you, too, have offered in that area. Thanks again. Looking forward to the home-school conference this month in Modesto. Sincerely, Tera Wolf

My husband and I heard you speak in Phoenix at the homeschool convention. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It's made a difference in our thinking. We're wearing out the tape I purchased there of Beverly singing "Maker of the Home". May the Lord keep blessing you. Elisabeth at

Randy Wattermann, West Point, Nebraska. We've had the privilege of visiting Hope Chapel and of hearing Reb and Bev at SCOPE conferences when we lived in Sacramento area several years ago. Was referred to the website by a friend to look for church planting materials.

Dear Pastor Bradley, We have recently been introduced to your material. It is truly changing the way we are living our lives. We are saddened by the reality that we are coming across this a little late for some of our children. We've been Bible reading Christians for over 20 years and never have heard some of this. It's great! We are consuming all that we can find, and sharing it with everyone who is teachable. Thank you for your commitment to the family. Sincerely, David & Cathy Johnson

Reb, you are one of the few lone voices in the wilderness. Keep it up!! America needs you. Denise Chute

Heard about your site on 770am talk radio.....just browsing around and found the book Child Training Tips....thinking on ordering it when it comes in on June 16th.....Thank-you for offering books such as these to help America in rearing our children... God

Thank you for providing a place to find Mr. Bradley's books and tapes, plus free access to his articles. What a blessing! In Him, Wendy Johnston

Norm Christopherson 7 Grover Street Concord, NH 03301-5635

Thank you for your incredibly helpful website... we need more of this type of material. Your tapes are being passed around "Fathers, saving the next generation" what a blessing these have been to us and many others we have passed them on to. We are in Australia and need as much of this stuff as we can get. God bless Hudson & Liz Gee

Thank you for having this site. My sister-in-law gave me this web site, it has really helped me a lot. I am having martial problems, and a few of the articles has hit the nail right on the head. Please keep up the good work. thanks steve

I have reared my children and will soon have another grandchild and I am trying to find information that will help them in these last days have respectful, happy healthy children. Darla Ewing,

We had the privilege of hearing you last year in GA at the GHEA Conference and thank God for your ministry and the stand you take in Biblical teaching which goes contrary to the world's philosophy as well as much of what's being taught in the name of Christianity. I thank God for leading us into home educating our 2 boys 7 years ago because of the opportunities we've had in getting God's Biblical perspective in living in this world and training the next generations through those, such as yourself, being willing to stand up and proclaim these truths. I have handed out your Child Training Tips to several families and refer back to it myself occasionally. I could go on with the blessings we've received through the books and tapes we've acquired from Family Ministries and the encouragement from your website. Thanks for being a useful vessel for God. Beth Stembridge

Bro. Reb, I have listened to some of your tapes regarding courtship and dating, and I thank you for your Biblical stand on this important subject. My wife and I are teaching our children at home (academically AND spiritually) and we crave quality writing from people such as you and Beverly who are neither afraid nor ashamed to speak the truth. Thanks again and may God continue to bless your ministry. Anthony Powell Waynesboro, MS

I love your website! I can't wait to get your book "Child Training Tips" KW <><

Nice website. Families are under satanic attacks from all angles. We need Biblical weapons to can fight on the side of the Lord. Keep up the good work and I will back next time. Tankiso Letseli

Hello, my wife and I have enjoyed listening to your tapes. Your insight and suggestions have inspired us a lot. We both enjoy your bold and uncompromising stance for the Word and how you proclaim it. Thank you. In Him, Mark and Susan Olgard--Fargo, ND

Hello friends, I have come across your sight looking for some help in finding home business ideas. I like your site and will be back. As for my reason for my search for a home business, well it has always been my desire but because of our circumstances, the search ha intensified. My wife and I have 11 children, the oldest 2 now married, but my wife has been battling cancer for the last few years and more than ever needs more of my time at home. So our search is intense, to say the least. We would appreciate your prayers and any direction for info and ideas on home based business, thank you, your brother in Christ, Dale Basinger.