Powerful Christian Living: Following Jesus into mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness -- (12-CD set w/syllabus)

If you were going to pick an expert to listen to in order to walk in emotional and mental health, who would you pick? Would it be a modern counselor who supplements the Bible with human wisdom, or would you pick Christ? In this series, Reb elevates the Bible as God's only reliable source of Truth, and illustrates how following Christ is God's only path to mental health and the sole means of recovery from "emotional abuse," "victimization," "codependency," etc. This series is for everyone! Pastors especially, will find here life-changing help for ministry -- both pulpit and private. $58




Managing the Mouth: Victory over complaining, arguing, gossip, and other poisons of the tongue
4-CD set
(Free syllabus available on download page)

How peaceful is your home? Do your children speak with kindness to each other? When you and your mate communicate, is it in a way that fosters warmth and affection? Do you often have conversations with others that leave you feeling soiled? The apostle James said that the tongue is a fire which can destroy as well as build up. If you have either set fires or been burnt by them, this series will prove to be an absolutely invaluable source of help for you. Those who learn to “manage the mouth” will bring great blessing to their homes, their friendships, and to the kingdom of God.       $28


MOTIVES OF THE HEART -- (3-CD set w/syllabus $25; 4-disc, 6 session DVD set w/syllabus $65)

A biblical study in pride and humility. For the mature Christian who is ready to peel back the layers of his heart and see himself as God does. WARNING: This message may have serious humbling effects on the listener.

3-CD set $25  



FIG LEAVES: Exposing hindrances to successful repentance -- (booklet)

From his years of experience as a biblical counselor, Reb has documented the most common techniques used by those avoiding personal responsibility. Although written as a tool for students of biblical counseling, everyone will find this little booklet invaluable in exposing the fig leaves (defense mechanisms) behind which we all hide.


The Power of Love: God’s secret for joyful, fearless, victorious living  -- (6 CD set)
(Free syllabus available on download page)

In this series of life-giving messages Reb Bradley presents a refreshing look at the true nature of love, and the effect it has on those who give and receive it.
The Bible teaches that those who excel in true, biblical love are transformed within themselves and have greater power to influence others. In Reb's straight-forward but tender style, he offers here a strong biblical challenge, yet will leave you inspired and empowered in your walk with Christ.            CD $39


Tortured For Christ   by Richard Wurmbrand

The testimony of a Romanian pastor who was imprisoned for 14 years, and led his torturers to Christ by his love for them. Next to the Bible, Reb considers this the most important book you will ever read.


Healthy Eating and Legalism by Reb Bradley -- (1 tape ) 

In this modern age of processed food, chemical additives, and hormone enhancement, many people are careful about what they eat. Some, in fact, are convinced that America's escalating rate of cancer, heart disease, and other maladies are a direct result of an American diet, so for them it seems only wise to avoid eating foods which may be harmful to their bodies. Some, however, eat carefully not just out of wisdom, but because they believe they have a spiritual responsibility to keep their bodies healthy. In this study of the fourth chapter of 1 Timothy  Reb shows the balance between healthy eating and legalism. 


Phariseeism and False Intimacy with God by Reb Bradley -- (1 tape)

Take this quiz. Question: What weighs down many believers so heavily that they live in constant defeat, discouragement, and fear of others? Hint: It also lifts other believers up so high that they sit in constant judgment and criticism of others? Second hint: It robs many believers of a humble passion for God and His grace. Answer: Get the tape. 



A Hidden Key to Victory
What the Bible Says About Suffering
book by J. Richard Fugate

How are we to respond to life’s suffering when it comes? Should we pray it away? Should we simply put up with it, or does the Bible prescribe for us better responses? Rick Fugate is a relentless pursuer of biblical Truth, and in this book he has done a masterful job of culling from the Scriptures what God has to say about suffering. Whether you are going through intense pain or heartache in your life, or you know someone facing trauma, this book will equip and inspire you with Truth straight from the heart of God. It’s message is deep. Its presentation is simple. Since it’s from the Bible, it is profound. Pastors and biblical counselors will particularly find here a mine rich with spiritual Truth and practical help.       $12