Preparing Your Children For COURTSHIP and MARRIAGE: From Toddlers to Teens -- 8 CD set

How do parents accidentally lead their children into sexual impurity? This series exposes for parents which practices of modern dating contribute to sexual promiscuity and build a foundation for unstable marriages. It offers a plan for shaping children's sexual and romantic values from the time they are young. Especially valuable for parents of young children.  
8-disc CD
$46  (Free syllabus available on download page)
7-disc DVD set



DATING: Is it worth the risk?
by Reb Bradley -- Book

There is a recent trend in the area of premarital romance to move away from modern dating and return to the tradition of parent-involved "courtship." This rejection of dating seems too radical for some, but because 20th century dating is linked to increased sexual promiscuity and a growing divorce rate, conscientious parents will welcome this eye-opening examination of modern dating practices and their effects on children. $9



Her Hand in Marriage
by Douglas Wilson -- book

While Reb's CD's make a thorough presentation on courtship, this book offers a concentrated study on the biblical role of parents in the process.