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ISSUE #5 – February-May 2006





Spring & Summer Greetings from Reb

Hello friends,


No, we didn’t die. We’re still here. We’re just overwhelmed!


I apologize that the February March April May Newsletter took this long to reach you, but running the office by myself has not allowed me much time to finish the monthly article.  In fact, it is still unfinished, but my wife reminded me that many of you look for the newsletter, just so you can know how to pray for us. Hence, I send this newsletter without the next installment of the ongoing article (Over-Reliance upon Sheltering).


This has been convention season for us here at Family Ministries and the Lord has given me many opportunities for ministry. Along with the usual seminars at churches and schools, I have been presenting keynotes and workshops at Homeschool conventions. When I am not traveling, the bulk of our time is spent producing materials and shipping them off for the book tables at various conventions. So far this Spring I have made presentations at the state conventions in Louisiana, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida. The response has been overwhelming! Post-events, we literally cannot keep up with the requests for materials. Thank the Lord! Materials get out and lives are being changed -- that’s what it’s all about!


The most common testimony we hear these days is that people’s eyes are being opened to the difference between giving their children “lifeless” religion and a genuine, life-giving relationship with God. And that’s exciting!


New worker...

Perhaps some of you noticed that I said “us” and “our” at Family Ministries. God has answered our prayers. In the last few weeks the Lord has doubled my workforce -- my staff of ONE has grown to TWO. Kari, a single woman from our church, came to us a month go and told us that the Lord had laid on her heart to quit her job and offer her office skills to help us out. We joyfully accepted and a few days later she moved into one of the rooms in our guesthouse. Since then she has worked tirelessly to help our operation function efficiently. She learns quickly, so I anticipate that within another month she will be able to assume most of the office work that keeps me occupied.


This summer, with Kari here, I am hoping to finish writing a book I have been working on for the last several years. It is a book that discusses how the parenting we receive as children shapes our approach to government when we grow up. WorldNetDaily recently ran an article I wrote based on one of the chapters of my new book. It deals with U.S. border policy being rooted in a bad approach to parenting. If you want to read it you will find it on their website here.



Many of you who have known of our needs, have been inquiring about finances. At present, the convention season is helping us stay current with bills and it is our hopes that your donations will continue to get us through the non-convention season. Many, many thanks to our friends who have kept us floating with their gifts.  God bless you for your love and generosity!!!


On the home front...

Last Fall, a neighbor lady approached my wife, Beverly and told her that she had been visited at her door by members of a cult. She explained she didn’t know how to respond to them and didn’t know what to tell her children about who God really is. She knew we were Christians, so asked Bev if she would consider teaching her children about God. At her request, Bev began a weekly Bible club for unbelieving children in the neighborhood. Week after week a handful of un-churched neighbor kids would come to hear about God and His great love. The same core group of kids came each week, but the group grew as they invited friend after friend from the neighborhood and from school in town. Parents would drive several miles to drop off and pick up their kids at our home each week.


We live in a little farm community in which most of the local children attend the same tiny elementary school. Word of Mrs. Bradley and her Bible club spread throughout the school. Teachers began to marvel at the changes they were seeing in the children. One of the core members of the Bible club, a 10-year-old boy with a very hard life, received an award for the most improved student of the month. (We just found out that he received the award for most improved student of the year!  Praise God!) 


A month ago this boy and his family were evicted from their home. With their mom in jail, and their dad in another city out of work, he and his half sister and cousin moved in with us. We grew from 3 kids to 6 just like that.


Knowing we would probably have the kids for a short time, we wanted to see them touched by God in every way possible. We sought to make each day a time in the Kingdom. Well, just a few days ago, after a month in our home, they were finally placed by Child Protective Services into the foster system.  Bev and I found ourselves wondering if we had made a substantial enough investment in them. As we were discussing this God convicted us that we took ourselves too seriously. We weren’t their Messiah – God was – we were merely little parts of His plan. Just as HE had His hand on them when He brought them to us HE would take care of them out of our presence.  What peace we found when we realized that the weight of their souls was not upon us and our efforts. Our job was to obey – his job was to make the heart changes.


This especially came home to us when, providentially, we met the children’s aunt and uncle at our son’s little league game last week. They were believers who desired to open their home to their niece and two nephews. We were thrilled to hear that stable, Christian family members wanted these children, and have since learned that CPS is working to place the kids with them long term.


A couple of days ago, after the children had left us, Bev was praying, “Jesus, will this new family tell the children who you are – who you really are?”  To which she felt the Lord’s correction in her heart, “I will let them know who I am!”  When will we learn the lesson? God doesn’t need us to accomplish His will, but He allows us to participate in His purposes. It’s always about Him – not us.


Coming up...

As I write this, my family and I are preparing to fly off to Hawaii for 10 days where I will be speaking for a few different groups. Whenever I travel to Hawaii it is to speak, but this trip, for a change, I am planning to take a few days and relax. (Yes, if you are going to suffer in ministry, do it in Hawaii.) When we return on the 13th, Bev and I will turn around and leave on the 15th to speak at the state homeschool convention in South Carolina – our final out-of-state convention of the year.


Once again, many thanks for thinking of us and praying for us. Our efforts are useless without the hand of God moved by your prayers. Please continue to call upon Him so that our labor will be most fruitful.


Please stay in touch,





Article of the Month

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling

If you missed the first four installments of this ongoing article, you can read them on our website. To get there click here or go to the Family Ministries home page and click on the link for Monthly Email Newsletters.




Featured Materials


What I REALLY Wish I Knew When My Children Were Young
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Multitudes of homeschool parents around the country, including leaders, have graduated their first batch of kids, only to watch their graduates go wayward. Many were model homeschoolers while growing up, but sometime after their 18th birthday they began to reveal that they didn’t hold to their parents’ values. In this 4-CD set Reb exposes blind spots in parenting that contribute to the breakdown of relationship between parents and children, and thereby increase prodigal tendencies. Every homeschooler and every family-minded parent needs to hear these messages.

Session titles include:

1. Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling
2. Winning Your Children's Hearts: Influencing Through Relationship
3. Raising Children who Love God

4. The Power of a Strong Family




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Ministry Needs

Finances: The convention season has helped us stay afloat, but without events scheduled for the months following July, we are looking at a coming season of leanness. We GREATLY appreciate those of you who have been able to help. Please prayerfully consider being a ministry partner with us.  (We are a tax-exempt 501-C3).  If you are not able to help with finances, we covet your prayers. 


Website help: We need to install some kind of shopping cart on the FM website. If you have any suggestions, drop us an email.


Seminars:  Reb still has many open slots to present seminars for the rest of 2006. Consider arranging a seminar for your fellowship or school group.


We’d love for you to partner with us in providing help to families.



Testimonies from ministry friends

"You walk away from hearing Beverly speak and all you want to do is know Her Jesus. And you want your children to know Him. Not about Him. Not what He says for them to do. But to KNOW Him for themselves. As homeschoolers we are literally giving our lives in sacrificial service to our families...We can not afford to spend all this effort on anything but the thing most needful...” Attendee of Living Books Retreat in Florida


"The vessel God used this weekend was Beverly Bradley. I could not describe her if I tried, but suffice it to say...she is a hoot! A transparent, fast-talking, funny hoot who (along with her husband, Reb) have already made tons of mistakes in their parenting and marriage...and have allowed God to transform their mistakes into blessings...”


"We listened to Reb’s 6-tape series The Power of Loving Others on the way home [from the retreat]. It was 1 Corinthians 13 as I had never before heard it. I highly recommend the Bradleys' tapes." ~Robin in VA



Ministry Prayer Needs

-- Financial stability for the ministry. Pray for God’s provision, so that we can continue unimpaired.

-- Opportunities to minister in churches and at Home School Conventions.

-- Reb and Bev need the Lord’s guidance as they seek to discern God’s will for the direction of this ministry.



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