Happiness in Marriage: Discovering the blessing God intended -- by Reb & Beverly Bradley   (8 tape set with 2 syllabi)

Marriage can be one of the greatest sources of joy in life, but it may also be the cause of great pain. When marriage becomes only painful it serves to distract men and women from their call to raise godly children and advance God's kingdom. Reb & Beverly have a wonderful marriage, but it wasn't always that way. They offer in this seminar the lessons they've learned from life, but more importantly, the biblical Truths which have pointed them to Jesus. This is major heart surgery for the Christian couple.    Cassette Tape with 2 syllabi:  $48

Available on DVD:  (5 discs)   $70


Help for the Struggling Marriage: What the Bible says about ending marriage by divorce   by Reb Bradley (book)

Divorce is not a light matter for anyone. Few rush into it hastily, yet the divorce rate for professing Christians continues to climb. Considering the damage done to families by divorce, a close look at the Scriptures is warranted. Reb offers in this booklet an intense study of the Bible passages related to marriage and divorce, and skillfully applies the Truth of the Word directly to the heart of the reader. This is a must-read for those considering divorce or separation. $9



Reconciling With Your Wife
by Reb Bradley   -- 
44 page book

A short study for the man who finds himself abandoned by his wife, and needs practical help in being reconciled. Developed over years of helping men be restored to their wives, this little booklet offers invaluable help to the man who is ready to die to himself and do what is best for his family. An excellent tool for any man who needs help understanding his wife's heart.   $7




What the Bible Says About . . . Being A Man -- 2nd edition
book by J. Richard Fugate

What this nation needs today is a few good men. Men who will live by the Biblical principles of honesty, courage, loyalty, self-discipline, and above all, GODLINESS. Over the past several generations, men have lost a great deal of their masculinity. Parenting, marriage, government, business, and church have been damaged as a result. Being a Man explains this demise, the Biblical roles of Christian masculinity and the road back to responsible manhood. If you are a Christian man who would like to be a spiritually-mature leader, this book is for you. God intends for men to be conquerors in this world.  Are you ready to be one?                 $12




On the Other Side of the Garden

Biblical Womanhood for Today’s World 
by Virginia Fugate

This book is being used by hundreds of womanhood classes around the country every year with miraculous results  -- feminists are being converted to Biblical womanhood and women who thought they were already living Biblically are being challenged.  All women who desire to live Biblically are gaining stability and encouragement.  Even couples’ classes have produced unbelievable results for women and men           $12



On the Other Side of the Garden Workbook   
by Virginia Fugate

Written to believers and unbelievers alike, this workbook is a helpful tool either for small groups or for a mother and her teenage daughter.   

This is a practical study aid for women who desire a more meaningful journey into the victory of Biblical womanhood. Women have used this workbook in conjunction with On the Other Side of the Garden - Biblical Womanhood for Today’s World to lead group studies across the nation. This study references Virginia’s second book as well for real-life applications of these Biblical truths.  $15



VICTORIOUS WOMEN On the Other Side of the Garden
by Virginia Fugate  -- book 

 is the long-awaited sequel to Virginia’s popular women’s book, On the Other Side of the Garden – Biblical Womanhood for Today’s World. Most of its chapters are based on letters she has received since the release of her first book.  Women wrote to share how God had changed their lives through Biblical womanhood.  Virginia soon realized that the victories, struggles, and questions expressed must be shared with others.  She believes the joy over what God has accomplished in the lives of these ladies will inspire others to look to Him for the victory in their own lives.

A few of the subjects addressed in this book are:

  • The secret to Biblical womanhood – trust in God

  • How not to be affected by your husband’s moods

  • A woman’s words – uplifting or undermining

  • The super-woman syndrome

  • Victory over financial worries

  •  Dealing with unfaithfulness and the victory of forgiveness